Islam in the United Kingdom

A letter campaign is encouraging violence against British Muslims. An activist wants to counter that hate with love, coffee and cake.
Gerard Batten defended his belief that Islam "glorifies death."
Britain First's inflammatory anti-Islam messages have drawn condemnation from politicians, Muslim organizations and interfaith groups.
Asifa Lahore claims there have been countless queer Muslim weddings ever since same-sex marriages became legal in the U.K.
Many innocents have been caught in the middle of polarization that they had nothing to do with.
Fox News guest and Brexit leader Nigel Farage touted the idea in the wake of Saturday's attack in London.
These are trying times for native Mancunians like myself, as they are for the rest of my fellow Britons. But as we try to
In a climate of rising anti-Muslim rhetoric, the U.K. held its biggest "Visit My Mosque" day yet.