Actor Riz Ahmed, who has spoken candidly about Muslim representation on screen, said he hopes the report ignites change.
Police in London, Ontario, have charged a 20-year-old Canadian with first-degree murder in what they say was a planned attack motivated by Islamophobia.
The U.K. prime minister rejected an MP's demand that he apologize for a 2018 column comparing Muslim women in burkas to letterboxes and bank robbers.
"This is not going to be the country of the xenophobics," the freshman lawmaker said.
The Murdoch-owned tabloid joined conservatives bashing the lawmaker with an out-of-context snippet from a speech.
Patrick Stein's attorneys also said he learned about the Quran “from the internet and conservative talk-show hosts such as Sean Hannity and Michael Savage."
"John McCain would be rolling in his grave," candidate Ammar Campa-Najjar said after GOP Rep. Duncan Hunter accused him of sympathizing with terrorists.
Conspiracy theorist John Guandolo, who says Islam is "barbaric and evil," conducted a state-approved training session this month.
Activist Laura Loomer harassed relatives of the shooter's widow with questions about jihad and Easter eggs.