Islamic Relief USA

The Islamic Relief Worldwide has the backing of nearly 50 of the world's most prominent humanitarian aid groups.
As a humanitarian organization, we believe that access to quality healthcare is a universal right, not a privilege reserved
Two Islamic organizations are alleviating Detroit's water crisis with a generous donation that'll benefit some of the city's
Whatever we are doing, we are deeply committed to providing people of all faiths with the tools to lift themselves out of poverty and build a more just world.
We've also seen heroes that our world is need of. Doctors and medics from around the world, relief agencies and their workers, and many others who know their life is at risk being on the ground in Gaza but they still do what they can to help.
What's more remarkable to me is that most of those who gave will probably never meet those who they gave to. The motivation wasn't because of kinship rooted in socially constructed value, shared culture or common heritage.
Abdel Rahim just wants a blanket for his daughter-in-law - let's give him and the rest of people of Syria that and much more.
For the second consecutive year, floods in Pakistan have displaced millions of people, demolished thousands of homes and
Call-1-866-407-6262. Text "NAMBDR" to the number "40579." A one-time donation of $10 will be added to your mobile phone bill