Islamic State Militants

Forced to flee Kobani by the latest fighting, frightened residents crossed into Turkey through Yumurtalik, an improvised
(Adds details on targets) PARIS, Sept 25 (Reuters) - French fighter jets struck four hangars belonging to Islamic State and
The militant Islamic State group has released a new video in which a man identifying himself as a British journalist says that he will "show you the truth" about ISIS and how western media is manipulating the public. The chilling video shows a man who says he is John Cantlie. Cantlie, a former reporter for the Sunday Times, the Sun and the Sunday Telegraph, went missing in Syria in 2012, but was later freed by the Free Syrian Army. Cantlie reportedly then returned to Syria in 2012.
The real time bomb being set by ISIS is the implosion of Saudi Arabia as a foundation stone of the modern Middle East. The real target of ISIS must be the Hijaz -- the seizure of Mecca and Medina -- and the legitimacy that this will confer on ISIS as the new Emirs of Arabia. We should understand that there is really almost nothing that the West can now do about it but sit and watch.
BAGHDAD, Aug 18 (Reuters) - The Islamic State militant group that has seized large parts of Iraq and drawn the first American
BAGHDAD, Aug 9 (Reuters) - Islamic State militants have threatened to kill more than 300 families from Iraq's Yazidi ethnic
A United Nations human rights coordinator on Thursday said that Islamic State militants had ordered Iraqi women and children