I was listening to a German parliamentarian the other night. She was making some anodyne comments about transatlantic friendship
Yet, we must not now cower in fear and submission to this new tyranny, this expanding Fascism
Reject Islamophobia in favor of terror-o-phobia. The enemy is not a certain religion but barbaric practices done in its name.
President Barack Obama is continuing to reorient U.S. foreign policy in general, and in the Middle East in particular, along the lines of the internationalist/neo-realist approach pursued in the pre-9/11 years
Neither Goldberg's intentions (which only a clairvoyant could determine) nor his past neoconservative advocacy are relevant
In short, Turkey is not as threatening as its detractors warn nor as powerful as many Turks and their new fans believe.
If we blinker our focus to cartoons on cable we will pose no obstacle to the endless anonymous, slow execution of Islam at the hands of a thousand unrecorded decapitations.
Those who would manipulate the masses to their own advantage invariably draw on the power of passion. And for most of history, and never more than now, religion is the passion of choice.