“It's insane to see the level of Islamophobia in these blue areas,” one of the candidates said.
The Trump campaign had distanced itself from Loomer, a self-described “Islamophobe,” earlier this year.
The bill, first seen by HuffPost, honored the 51 Muslims killed in the terrorist attack in Christchurch, New Zealand.
Community members said the incident appeared to be a pointed and coordinated attempt to intimidate Muslims in New Jersey.
Exclusive footage obtained by HuffPost shows a truck parading anti-Muslism images outside a mosque in New Jersey.
Rep. Lauren Boebert railed against fellow Rep. Ilhan Omar, calling her a “jihad squad member” during GOP Rep. Paul Gosar’s censure hearing.
Hindutva, an extremist ideology, takes many cues from white nationalism — and it’s endangering millions of Muslims and other religious minorities.
John Miller resigned from the NYPD after lying about its Muslim surveillance program. Now he’s covering law enforcement for CNN.
How has President Donald Trump shifted the fight for racial equality in the U.S.? Emory University Professors Carol Anderson and Andra Gillespie and HuffPost’s own Rowaida Abdelaziz reflect on the effect of a Trump presidency.
New Zealand has announced it will ban military-style rifles just six days after they were used to kill 50 people in the Christchurch mosque massacre.