Americans of diverse backgrounds should redouble our efforts to reach out to the peaceful Muslim majority and speak out in opposition every time that prominent demagogues -- including presidential candidates -- assert that American Muslims should be stripped of basic constitutional rights.
The Islamic Society of North America is calling on mosques across the country to be more inclusive of women.
Yasir Qadhi, an assistant professor of Islamic studies at Rhodes College in Memphis, Tennessee, said he took a more nuanced
By pandering to the fear-mongering Islamaphobes, a USA Today article missed an opportunity to explain to Christian-majority Americans how their fellow Muslim citizens are trying to live out their faith in the country they love. It failed to tell of the U.S. Muslim's love of freedom and democracy.
Muhammad advocated ongoing dialogue, interaction, and understanding to mutually overcome differences. Boycott was simply not in his vocabulary.
ISNA has represented the interests of American Muslims for the last half-century, and holds a moderate Islamic viewpoint
In July of 2012, the Islamic Society of North America convened a small multilateral forum of scholars in Mauritania to discuss challenges faced by religious minorities in Muslim-majority communities around the world.
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Shariq Abdul Ghani, a graphic designer from Houston, was giving out free T-shirts at one booth. "Jesus and Mary were Muslim