"Wondering how quarantine is going?" the player's wife asked facetiously.
We know staying at home helps fight the spread of the coronavirus. But for many people, staying at home can also lead to deep feelings of loneliness, which studies show can lead to long-term health consequences. So how can you self-isolate without feeling so alone?
People struggling under coronavirus lockdowns can dial 877-Joy4All for jokes, stories and messages.
The comedian said she was denied a COVID-19 test and called out President Donald Trump for his false claims over the abundance of testing kits.
Jimmy Fallon started the hashtag when he posted that he'd whispered to his hand sanitizer, “You’re like a son to me.”
"I'm not bored. I'm not bored. I'm not bored," the veteran Olympic hurdler joked of her house routine during the coronavirus pandemic.
Astronauts spend months alone combining work and home environments in space. Here's what they suggest.
The retired astronaut, who was the second person to walk on the moon, developed a simple strategy to protect himself.
In her first of five videos, she was optimistic. In the last, not so much.
The hashtag #QuarantineCats took off on Twitter Monday.