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This year has been marred by crises across the globe, as protests and conflicts have dominated headlines. Groups that were
Israel's military in September opened five criminal investigations into its Gaza war operations, including attacks that killed
Will the promised aid be enough, if it does arrive? People aren’t starving, but that's about the best you can say. Many are
The Gaza war has unveiled my displaced status. Most of my American friends seem helpless in the face of my predicament, yet some are provoked in ways that are mysterious to me.
The individual stories are tragically too many to recount in one short article. Those lucky enough to survive this latest assault on Gaza have returned to rubble; the loss of loved ones compounded by the destruction of homes, family heirlooms, photographs and memories. Israel has the power to put an end to its occupation of Palestinian land. Only then can Palestinians and Israelis live side by side in peace and security.
As part of the deal, both sides have agreed to address more complex issues dividing them - including the release of Palestinian
GAZA, Aug 25 (Reuters) - Israeli air strikes killed at least five Palestinians in the Gaza Strip and militants kept up their
I write this with great sorrow for civilians hurt on both sides. Sorrow for our soldiers who have fallen in this operation, and sorrow for the future of my country and the entire region. I know that as I write, soldiers like me have fired shells into Gaza. They had no way of knowing who or what they would hit. Faced with so many innocent casualties, it is time for us to state very clearly: this use of artillery fire is a deadly game of Russian roulette. The statistics, on which such firepower relies, mean that in densely populated areas such as Gaza, civilians will inevitably be hit as well. The IDF knows this, and as long as it continues to use such weaponry, it will be hard to believe when it claims to be minimizing civilian deaths. As a former soldier and an Israeli citizen, I feel compelled to ask today: have we not crossed a line?
Citing security concerns over continued rocket fire, Israeli police banned an anti-war protest planned for Tel Aviv on Saturday
(Images: UNITAR/UNOSAT) It's not clear how long reconstruction might take. First, the full extent of the damage needs to
It's hard to shake away the utterly depressing feeling that comes with news coverage these days. IDF and Hamas are at it again, a vicious cycle of violence, but this time it feels much more intense. While war rages on the ground in Gaza and across Israeli skies, there's an all-out information war unraveling in social networked spaces.
At the last count there were around 2,000 people seeking refuge in the grounds of Shifa hospital. Now the same thing is happening
Crowded Gazan towns close to the Israeli border have seen devastating clashes, and the flight of tens of thousands of Palestinians
"At the very moment when you lose your favorite people, you realize that our lives are not ours; they will be gone in any
By Michelle Nichols Palestinian U.N. Ambassador Riyad Mansour accused Israel of carrying out a genocide, while Israeli U.N
Israeli shells struck the 164-bed al-Aqsa Martyrs Hospital in the central area of Deir al-Balah on July 21, Gaza's Ministry
19 people are dead and 125 others are wounded after Israeli shells hit a school in Gaza’s largest refugee camp on Wednesday.
Egypt said on Tuesday it was revising an unconditional ceasefire proposal that Israel had originally accepted but Hamas rejected
Wars, as we know, are catalysts for change, and the current round of fighting between Hamas and Israel is no exception. Two trends, which have become very noticeable in the region in recent years, are being accelerated.
FOCUS ON TUNNELS Protesters surged against an Israeli army checkpoint, throwing rocks and Molotov cocktails, and Palestinian