Israeli settlement

The president's plan calls for the creation of a Palestinian state but leaves sizable chunks of the occupied West Bank in Israeli hands.
The secretary of state said the U.S. no longer considers the expansion of Israeli settlements in the West Bank to be a violation of international law.
The policy shift is apparently aimed at rallying Netanyahu's nationalist base in the final stretch of the tight Israeli Prime Minister race.
Israeli troops have killed 41 Palestinians and wounded more than 5,000 others since the protests began on March 30.
Trump said Palestinians snubbed the United States by not meeting Vice President Mike Pence during a recent visit.
Critics question how Jared Kushner can profit from such a transaction and still function as an independent peacekeeper representing America.
Between Christmas and New Year’s Day, I became embroiled in what The Jerusalem Post termed a “Twitter war” which they claimed
The move would make it harder for Israel to cede control over parts of Jerusalem in any peace deal with the Palestinians.
Originally published in The Progressive, December 5, 2017 The guilty plea by former National Security Advisor Michael Flynn
Israel seeks to suppress the identities of the companies that support the settlements because it is feeling the pinch of the Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions movement.