Israeli settlements

President Trump has delivered mixed messages on this subject. In appointing attorney David Friedman as Washington's ambassador
If Trump is serious about his desire to end the Israeli-Palestinian conflict for Israel's own sake, he must demand that Netanyahu commit himself to create a Palestinian state.
Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has taken full advantage of what he views as a more propitious climate in Washington, DC under the Trump administration to embark on a massive expansion of Israel's illegal settlement drive in the Palestinian West Bank.
On Syria, Kerry adopted a policy that was surface-level ambitious but hollow from the inside. With Iranian courtship in full
The PFA has since been unable to push FIFA towards any punitive steps against Israel. Instead, FIFA opted to monitor developments
Amnesty International is not alone in making this request. The growing list includes most recently churches like the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America and the World Council of Churches and National Council of Churches, and others.
I was both understanding of and puzzled by the Obama Administration's reaction to Israel's announcement of new settlement construction in occupied Palestinian lands.
In Cairo nearly eight years ago, President Obama looked and sounded presidential. With elegance and grace, he expressed his vision of a future built on mutual respect between the United States and Arab and Muslim countries.
US President Barak Obama reportedly raised with Israeli Prime Minister Benyamin Netanyahu on the side lines of the General
"Here I Am" is Jonathan Safran Foer's first novel after 11 years. Jacob Bloch, its anti-hero, after one well-received novel published when he was very young, is writing for television, and doesn't like it.
Israel's continued settlement activity--whether retroactively approving 'unauthorized' outposts or advancing plans for new units as was recently announced--represents yet another nail in the coffin of the peace process.
Even some very prominent Republican Jewish donors and bundlers, who gave tens of millions of dollars to previous GOP nominees, have withheld support for the Trump campaign this year.
So this is the settlement Donald Trump's adviser backs and helps finance. Born out of the seizure of Palestinian land, it incubates ultra-nationalism and stands as a physical obstacle to any eventual peace between Israel and the Palestinians.
In recent months, alarming signs have been accumulating that Israel is stepping up its creeping annexation of most of the occupied West Bank, and in doing so killing any prospect of ever reaching a two-state peace agreement with the Palestinians.
Israel can stop or at the very least slow the expansion of settlements during this period. It should bring an end to collective
The construction of settlements, built on land that was, and continues to be, stolen from the Palestinians, is a breach of
The failure of the opposition to coalesce under a dynamic leadership and create a national movement to stop Netanyahu and demand peace now will put Israel's future in jeopardy.
Over the weekend, the Israeli Prime Minister's office announced plans to build 1,400 new housing units across the Green Line
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