Issa Rae

Tagoe launched the company with Issa Rae in 2019 and is working with women and artists of color to create a new lane in music, podcasting and more.
"So glad y’all received it in the spirit it was made," showrunner Prentice Penny tweeted after the final episode was released on HBO Max.
The beloved Emmy-winning show is currently wrapping up its fifth and final season.
The HBO series has been a launch pad for so many actors, writers and directors. Creator and actor Issa Rae has built her own universe where diverse voices are no longer on the margins.
She talks about joining the writers room in Season 4, learning to let characters make mistakes and giving Jodie Landon her flowers in "Jodie," a "Daria" spinoff.
The Haitian American actor talks about his journey from Massachusetts to Los Angeles, playing Ahmal Dee on "Insecure," and his plans to bolster the work of diverse filmmakers.
Looking back at her three seasons on Issa Rae's groundbreaking HBO series, the actor says shows like it "don’t come along every day."
After being in Issa Rae's web series "Awkward Black Girl" and then her groundbreaking HBO show, Sujata Day directed, wrote, produced and stars in "Definition Please."
After years of work, Issa has finally achieved her professional dream on "Insecure." Now, Penny has too.
The HBO show tackled uncomfortable parenting truths in an explosive fight between Condola, played by Christina Elmore, and Jay Ellis' Lawrence.