We can't force someone to forgive. Therefore, the road to forgiveness may also involve understanding the person who has harmed us. This requires starting off on a journey that may entail a close examination of the person we need to forgive. The journey can be long and torturous.
There is no statue of limitations on past issues and it's never too late to bring up a previously discussed subject. As long as our commitment is to heal the damage and restore trust and harmony, it's likely that the results of our efforts will be deeply and mutually fulfilling!
The end of the 2016 Democratic primary race may be over soon, or it may continue until the convention. Whether Bernie Sanders
The conditions seem perfect for a real political debate between two candidates who differ from each other on many key issues.
17. When Netflix freezes even though your Internet connection is fine. 14. Your mom asking you to call her and then getting
With so many honorable topics out there, companies and small business are working harder than ever at making a difference.
Overall, Americans are about equally likely to say the economy has gotten better over the past year as they are to say it
We are two American religious communities in such pain from the outburst of extremist violence in France that we not only have forgotten each other. We have forgotten ourselves.
Yes, the Side Chick, aka the willing Mistress of an unavailable man, has complained that her man acted shady during the Thanksgiving holiday.
Children shouldn't ever be asked to side with one parent over another. Even when parents haven't been the best, children tend to love them and want to stay connected. Their conclusions about their other parent need to be their own.
"Men are crafty, yes, and we help them by choosing to ignore the red flags in the relationship. If we're comfortable, and we like the guy, we're going to wear our blinders and hope for something more."
In what other part of our society would we accept 8% approval without demanding change - change that we control?
We're assuming you want to be on speaking terms when you meet at the end of the aisle. If that's true, never, ever utter the following phrases to your about-to-be-spouse.
In an effort to raise awareness surrounding a petition from The Sylvia Rivera Law Project for this initiative, transgender
I recently did an interview with Mike "McBeardo" McPadden about his book Heavy Metal Movies: Guitar Barbarians, Mutant Bimbos & Cult Zombies Amok In the 666 Most Ear and Eye Ripping Big Scream Films Ever!. The interview was so funny and so insightful, I wanted to publish it here in its entirety.
At some point in time when we are in a conversation with someone who is disabled, we always come to the point that somebody will ask "What do you have?"
Despite the progress women have made in the last several decades, they are still treated like second-class citizens in all the ways that matter. Caring about the equal treatment of women in society doesn't make people feminists -- it makes them good humans.
Earlier this year, we brought you the first installment in a web series starring Noam Ash and Austin Bening called "My Gay