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The spontaneity of the streets pulls me in. Not knowing what you will face there is fun and exciting--taking pictures of
I want to see this week's events result in a new resolve, underpinned by concrete measures, to nurture local capacity as a means to more effective humanitarian interventions and as an end in itself.
From the moment I stepped into Istanbul, and on my last footsteps out of this city, I was fortunate to experience local Turkish hospitality. It could have been driven by the fact that I was travelling alone, or from the sympathy glances I got when I had a mounting backpack on me.
Turkey holds a special place in my heart, because of the generous hospitality that the locals offer, despite me being a stranger in this foreign land. It lends itself a distinct character because of its heavy Islamic influence.
Bayrampasa district mayor Atilla Aydiner said a bomb had been placed on a nearby highway overpass.
For the sixth day, protesters have taken to the streets of Istanbul to voice their disapproval of the government, even after
You can love it or hate it but Istanbul probably won't leave you indifferent. It's one of the most visited cities on earth and there are nearly as many opinions about it as there are visitors.
I have heard some absolute doozies in cities all over the world and even if the surroundings are pretty, the words are not.
Not all headscarves are what they appear to be. They are both more and less than you would expect.