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The master class included a brief discussion from Dubspot instructor OP! about carrying crates filled with hundreds of records to gigs before the digital age and a crash course on how to operate the turntables and soundboard with chic Caeden headphones, and obviously champagne.
The it-girl idea, while not necessarily the most realistic, is one that has inspired probably thousands of young girls like myself to whip out their collared shirts and carry their lattes with pride.
Tamsin Lonsdale, is most definitely not like any ordinary English rose. She is undeniably beyond intelligent, worldly by definition, unique and strikingly beautiful, jet-setting socialite with impeccable taste, witty as you'd expect from a refined English girl to be but yet she remains humble.
Meet Turia Pitt. Pitt is magnificent. Her courage, fortitude and choice to share her heroic journey with the world on Instagram is truly one of the most beautiful things I've ever seen.
I remember first seeing her after my "freshman trip" -- a ritual three-day hike embarked upon by freshmen before the official beginning of school. Tan, tall and radiating confidence, she sat in the front of the circle. If Mattel made an "outdoor Barbie," it would have looked just like her.
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I would like to resurrect some sense of respect for the quality of 'It'. As Marilyn so shrewdly observed, 'It' has a lot to do with a kind of empty possibility upon which much can be projected.
We've created a culture that celebrates girls as sex objects, turned that into a cultural ideal, and moved it to the center of a bunch of addictive narratives for women.