Italian Renaissance

Marginalizing patrons or placing them out of sight feeds the illusion of art historians that Renaissance artists created their artworks in a romantic trance oblivious to the economic, political, social, theological, and personal factors that defined and constrained the creative process.
I was greeted by beautiful-bodied women, heroically muscled men and horses depicted with such beauty, grace and detail that I felt as if I was in the private room of a Renaissance aristocrat like a Medici or Lombard, or in the summer home of the Pope.
On Sunday August 20, 1911, Peruggia realized what is known as the greatest art robbery of the 20th century.
Less obsessed by avant-garde experiences or disruptive newness than concerned by inheritance and harmony, the art of Fan Zeng is one of the most significant variations on the classical themes of the Chinese civilization.
"Titian's First Masterpiece" is on view at The National Gallery in London until August 19, 2012. Tiziano Vecellio, aka Titian
Gnoli paints close-up views of domestic items, reveling in every pattern, wrinkle and curl; the secrets of the universe rest
Last week, I attended the press preview for the exhibition Rodarte: Fra Angelico Collection at the Los Angeles County Museum of Art (LACMA).
Tea party queen and Republican presidential candidate Michele Bachmann is convinced that America is sinking into tyranny