Italy elections

Because who doesn't turn to the sex scandal-soaked former prime minister of Italy for advice on women?
We have no one like the Pope to take pride in and it's hard to match Berlusconi. This all came to mind while watching the Italian Parliament try to elect a president and undertake other legislative tasks. Comparisons to the U.S. Congress invited themselves to the viewing.
Italy is thus at a crossroads. Between operetta and drama, let's hope Italian leaders opt for the first and finally give Italy a happy ending.
Today begins the election of president of the Chamber of Deputies, one of Italy's two houses of Parliament.
Lawmakers in the Italian Parliament elected new leaders for its lower and upper houses on Saturday, choosing for the lower
Italians face the spectacle of continued political gridlock with the old elites, many tainted by corruption scandals, still holding the balance of power. What this shows more than anything else is a profound crisis in the relationship between the governed and their rulers.
Grillo started gaining notoriety in the mid-2000s when he created "V Day." The (unofficial) Italian holiday stands for victory
In the real world, the alternative to this "chaotic" election isn't a business-friendly utopia; it's weeks of rioting shutting down Rome, or even worse, the Arab Spring. So who cares if the Italian people voted for the 'wrong' parties?
More than once, Italy's trends have prefigured larger European dynamics, for the best, the Renaissance, but also for the worst, Mussolini's fascism, and, by putting a finger on the Italian peninsula one often feels the pulse of a continent.
The gist of all these arguments is that we can't not have a government, yet we can't figure out how to build one. This is the catch-22 that currently dominates our politics.
Corporate Earnings: Early Italian election results on Monday showed a nearly perfect stalemate between three incompatible
"We cut the equity allocations last week across the board. Everything was pointing towards a correction. I see no rush to
The alternative is new elections either immediately or within a few months, although both Berlusconi and Bersani have indicated
It's a tight race to the finish today -- some polls show Pier Luigi Bersani's Center-Left party with a strong lead over former
With more than 99 percent of returns in from polling stations, results showed the centre-left had taken a slim victory of
In truth, the only thing that is really surprising in this electoral campaign is the level of removal that, once again, we as a people are capable of.