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If the allegations are corroborated, Schock is a cynical hypocrite who lacks the moral fitness to hold elective office. He is building his career on the backs of more honest individuals and deliberately inflicting harm on an entire minority to further his personal ambitions.
The shame is not that Aaron Schock may possibly be gay. The shame is not even that one like Schock may wish to remain private, nor is it that he lied. The shame is that the 'closeted' politician sits in Washington and actively votes against his gay brothers and sisters.
Journalist Itay Hod caused controversy by alleging GOP Congressman Aaron Schock is gay. Despite Schock’s anti-LGBT rights voting record, is it ever okay to reveal someone's sexuality? We speak with guests who have ‘outed’ and have been ‘outed.'
Journalist Itay Hod unleashed a wave of controversy when he appeared to out hunky Republican Congressman Aaron Schock (R-IL) as gay on Facebook on Friday.
I'll sit here and yell aloud in my living room for any number of celebrities that I'm sure are gay to come out. But as a responsible journalist, I won't publish evidence that doesn't fully add up about someone's personal identity no matter how vile they might be.
The politician, who has a severe anti-LGBT voting record and currently holds a zero approval rating from the Human Rights