There's another inspirational message behind the movie.
"I admit this was not so great!" says Karolyn Grimes.
Fast forward about 3,000 years to Israel Horovitz' play Out of the Mouths of Babes. In this striking Cherry Lane Theatre production (, the Babes are adults. Out of their mouths comes wit..with claws. Picture four sassy, savvy, snarky babes -- all ex-wives and lovers of the same beloved Professor -- clumped together in one Paris apartment for his funeral.
I don't think I would be as kind. Having this disability makes me empathize with others that struggle with their adversity. There was a time that I was a bully, and I wouldn't have had the change of heart that I had. I can be sarcastic, and I'm sure I would have developed that trait further. Sarcasm makes it harder to make friends, and I wouldn't have the vast network that I have now.