it's always sunny in philadelphia

Rob McElhenney and a “Silicon Valley” star got even less airtime than Ed Sheeran in the show’s most recent episode.
Wednesday’s episode saw Mac telling Luther, “Dad, I’m gay,” before stripping off his shirt and launching into a rain-soaked pas de deux.
We never thought we'd say it but It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia is paving the way for how to deal with social issues leading into 2017.
Want to better understand who Donald Trump is targeting? Look no further than this magnificent clip from It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia. Rock, flag, and eagle!
It's hard to believe that It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia is in its 10th season-- thinking about that makes me feel ancient, and I'm only 23!
But, see, that's DeVito in a nutshell. He defies all expectations and has been doing so for a very long time. Rolling Stone’s
Well, at least it can't get any worse. During his recent trip to the "The Tonight Show," Charlie Day played a game of "5
If you thought the worst part about living next to Zac Efron would be Robert De Niro parties and paparazzi, you're not even
"It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia" is a great TV show. But how will it translate to Russian? Apparently, we're about to
This was happening at a time when Day was trying to tell people he was a writer, even though he didn't even own a computer
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