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Spotify recently announced a major milestone: the music streaming service hit 10 million paying subscribers and now has more than 40 million active users across 56 markets worldwide.
Consumer Intelligence Research Partners (CIRP) reviewed two aspects of Apple consumer behavior: iPhone buyer accessory purchases
Coldplay's "Ghost Stories" isn't available for purchase until May 20, but you can stream the new album in full on iTunes
But the California gadget maker has been increasingly making it easier for people to share photos, videos and news through
Why should Apple have all the fun? Pandora is doing its best to maintain its dominance in Internet radio as competition from
Apple did not disappoint at today's highly anticipated event in California. Not one, but two, new iPhones in a variety of colors and they come with a new streaming radio service. HuffPost Tech Reporter Tim Stenovec gives us the latest from the event.
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"Music streaming is one of many elements Apple is attempting to tie together so that it can have the most comprehensive entertainment
When Apple unveiled iTunes Radio, it jumped into a saturated market: music streaming. Much like the options you have when
But Apple is not any other company. Its iTunes store is already the largest music retailer in the world. Late to the market