IUCN Red List

Thirty-one species were declared extinct in the latest Red List — but it's not all bad news. Several species, including the European bison, have been recovering.
Transport secretary confirms the US is on the "red list" of countries still seen as high risk from coronavirus.
A new Columbia University study is challenging the accuracy of methods used by the IUCN to determine conservation status.
The world's largest environmental group has stark news for homo sapiens.
Right now, we humans are creating the biggest experiment of all time. We are experimenting with our oceans, with our fisheries, and with our climate.
There are far more urgent threats, including exploitation and agriculture.
While humans evolved to have the largest brain-to-body-size ratio, supposedly making us one of the smartest animals on Earth, we also evolved to be the most destructive.
New research suggests that 130,000 species are gone forever.
Feeding wildlife, especially with unnatural and inappropriate food items, could potentially lead to obesity or nutritional