Ivan Reitman

Last year's reboot underperformed, but that isn't stopping Ivan Reitman.
Time to call Kate McKinnon. She's a movie star.
At its core, just like the first one, Ghostbusters '16 benefits simply by putting a supremely talented comedic director and
UPDATE: Contrary to what Deadline.com editor Mike Fleming wrote, the new "Ghostbusters" movie won't necessarily be "guy-themed
Lauren: Which brings us to Mike Fleming's cringeworthy Deadline piece discussing the subject. He laments the possibility
Paul Feig has already established himself in the realm of female-driven comedies, and now it looks like he might bring some
Draft Day is an above-average entry in the field, and a predictably proficient a piece of popcorn entertainment. While some the broad strokes of the story may be fairly easy to call out fairly early on, it packs in enough "what's gonna happen?" suspense to make the eventual third act pay off worth hanging in there for for.
For more on Reitman, head to THR. To that end, it was rumored that Jonah Hill and Emma Stone were being sought for this new
"Ghostbusters 3" is like that cut on the roof of your mouth: it just won't go away. Dan Aykroyd told ShortList that he's