ivana trump

The president's youngest daughter announced she's engaged to Michael Boulos a day before her father leaves office.
It's not entirely clear if "the president" speech in the spoof is calling Americans to a reopened economy — or to continue fighting for their lives.
Rossano Rubicondi, who divorced but still dated the president's first wife, singled out Donald Jr. as "an idiot."
"A rapist might think that’s a good answer," MSNBC host said of Trump's response to new allegations of sexual assault.
State Rep. John Rogers faced widespread bipartisan criticism over his comments about the president's eldest son.
Ivana added some shade while talking about the first daughter and first lady's relationship.
"Instead I got Jared Kushner," the president groused, according to witnesses.
Some things are worth the pearl-clutching. A bad word isn't one of them.
Ivana called the news of her son's alleged affair “distressing because I’ve been there.”