Ivermectin isn’t approved by federal authorities to treat COVID-19, but that’s not stopping people from seeking it out — or others from making money off of it.
The late-night host spots a flaw in the latest right-wing logic.
Veronica Wolski was known for spreading anti-vaccine and pro-QAnon messages.
The "Late Show" host takes on the nastiest part of the ivermectin fad among anti-vaxxers.
Public policy doesn't support "allowing a physician to try ‘any’ type of treatment on human beings," the judge ruled after a coronavirus patient's wife sued the hospital.
“I asked what are they, and they’d just tell me vitamins,” one inmate said.
Ivermectin should not be used for treating or preventing COVID-19, the American Medical Association said alongside two other professional organizations.
The podcaster did not say if he had been vaccinated against the disease.
The Front Line Covid Critical Care Alliance has been boosting ivermectin, new reporting shows, and gaining a large following online.
After people began purchasing doses meant for horses in order to self-medicate for the coronavirus, the FDA warned against using the drug.
"One day we're going to wake up and Brian Kilmeade's going to be telling people you can cure COVID by eating kibble and sleeping in kitty litter."
The ESPN host, filling in for Jimmy Kimmel, was in disbelief over a new warning from the FDA.
"You are not a horse. You are not a cow. Seriously, y'all. Stop it."
The network is inspiring vaccine skeptics to ingest livestock medication purchased at feed stores, Maddow complained.
"You wouldn't get your chemotherapy at a feed store," warned a state health official. Livestock anti-parasite medication ivermectin can be deadly to humans.