Inmates in the Washington County, Arkansas, jail filed suit in 2021, alleging they'd been given ivermectin under false pretenses.
The study, led by scientists from Duke University and Vanderbilt University, is consistent with findings of another large clinical trial in Brazil.
“If there are active treatments, it is better to use those agents than agents that we wish worked," the New England Journal of Medicine's deputy editor said.
Although the podcaster later deleted the tweet, he made no reference to the error.
The inmates say they were unknowingly given the drug and told it was vitamins, antibiotics or steroids.
Doug Kuzma posed with supplies of ivermectin, which the FDA and CDC have warned against using to treat COVID-19.
Ivermectin isn’t approved by federal authorities to treat COVID-19, but that’s not stopping people from seeking it out — or others from making money off of it.
The late-night host spots a flaw in the latest right-wing logic.
Veronica Wolski was known for spreading anti-vaccine and pro-QAnon messages.
The "Late Show" host takes on the nastiest part of the ivermectin fad among anti-vaxxers.