“Each day we are counting dead elephants.”
"Ivory should never be seen as a commodity for financial gain."
“We now need to see all other countries close loopholes that still allow the illegal trade of ivory to continue.”
The bust shines a light on the need for a stricter ivory ban, anti-poaching activists say.
While China's ban on the ivory trade represents a huge step forward for a country that only recently called ivory carving part of its intangible cultural heritage, it's simply not enough to turn Beijing into the responsible international actor it claims to be.
  Recognizing that consumer demand is driving the extinction of wild elephants across Africa, the Chinese State Council has
Ivory may finally become a relic of a painful and destructive age of commodifying wildlife, and elephants may be spared widespread regional extinction if China can implement its 2017 ban on ivory within the year, as planned.
In recent years, African nations with large elephant populations such as Kenya, Mozambique, and the Republic of Congo have
Cristián Samper with members of a local Maasai community. Credit: Gloria E. Jované/WCS. WCS helped the Government of Tanzania
Out of this essential focus, a coalition called 96 Elephants was born. Named for the number of elephants killed daily in
All these actions have kept momentum behind shutting down the ivory markets that have devastated elephant populations. As
Consumers around the globe are helping fuel a booming illegal wildlife trade that's estimated to be valued at as much as
Since youth will be tasked with finding solutions to challenges, many of which our generation has yet been unable to solve, we have to ask ourselves, are we providing them with the intellectual and analytical tools, incentives and motivation to tackle these issues going forward?
CITES is an international agreement between governments that aims to ensure that the trade in wild animals and plants does
The U.S. government recently issued significant policies that may not grab headlines, but undoubtedly advance animal welfare and wildlife conservation.
I didn’t know what I’d feel upon looking at the stacks of elephant tusks being pulled one by one from the shipping containers
Keep Wildlife in the Wild, Adam Justin Bieber has a lot to learn and a long way to go. Thankfully, as he may be a role model