ivory ban

The U.S. is currently one of the leading markets for illegal ivory.
A new law in Hawaii is being hailed as one of the strongest anti-wildlife trafficking measures in the nation.
They say "perfection is the enemy of the good," and the quest for perfection in animal protection legislation is a numbing, head-banging concept.
Now, a group of Chinese researchers from several disciplines have come together as an expert working group to assess options
We hope Washington voters will follow suit to ensure an ivory ban is passed. Because this isn't just an issue abroad. It's an issue right here on American soil.
Yang Feng Glan is accused of smuggling elephant tusks worth $2.5 million.
"This is the year of the elephant in California."
If the United States and other nations do not fully ban the sale of ivory, African elephants could be extinct -- poof -- in as few as five years.
“All of us want to find the right solution to stabilize elephant populations in Africa through sound economic and conservation
Prominent New Zealand business leaders have teamed up with many of the most respected international conservation agencies and spokespeople to urge the New Zealand Government to consider a complete ban on all ivory trading.