Ivy League

Winning researchers included two scientists who studied the sex lives of constipated scorpions, and a person who made a life-size crash test dummy of a moose.
Footage taken of baby jumping spiders showed patterns that looked a lot like sleep cycles: The spiders’ legs twitched and parts of their eyes flickered.
Members of the Ponca tribes in Nebraska and Oklahoma visited the Massachusetts university on June 3 for the ceremonial return of the artifact.
"We knew that we needed significant gun reform, and so that is what we did,” Ardern told students at Harvard University's commencement ceremony.
The earnings boost from having gone to a top school is “indistinguishable from zero” for most people.
The university plans to identify and support the descendants of enslaved people who labored at the Ivy League campus.
The Federal Bureau of Investigation is charging nearly 50 people for participating in a nationwide bribery ring that U.S. attorney Andrew Lelling called the “largest college admission scam ever prosecuted by the Department of Justice.”
Over 18,000 prospective hosts have signed up on UkraineTakeShelter.com since the site was created in early March.
The actor will be given his pudding pot at a roast at Harvard University on Feb. 3.