Ivy League

“I think a lot of people don’t respect her as someone who is co-running a multi-billion-dollar company,” said Liz, a student who attended Kardashian's seminar.
For almost 50 years, the oil giant has made public statements contradicting scientific research that turned out to be remarkably on point.
Claudine Gay is the second woman to lead the Ivy League school.
The federal lawsuit seeks no monetary damages. but demands changes to Yale’s withdrawal policies.
“It does not advance the best ideals of legal education or the profession we serve," Harvard Law School's dean wrote.
Most of the hair collected belonged to about 700 children, representing about 300 tribal nations, who had attended U.S. Indian Boarding Schools.
Students told police they were exposed to Rohypnol, a sedative that’s commonly known as “roofies."
The Supreme Court’s conservative justices are ready to end affirmative action.
Misrach Ewunetie had been missing for nearly a week when the search for her whereabouts came to a tragic end.
Winning researchers included two scientists who studied the sex lives of constipated scorpions, and a person who made a life-size crash test dummy of a moose.