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This is the second year in a row that a student from Long Island's Elmont Memorial High School achieved this extraordinary feat.
As I near graduation, I've noticed my peers and I suddenly have a checklist of criteria our first job has to fit. It must be financially successful, intellectually stimulating, something we are "passionate" about, and a benefit to society.
A word to high-school seniors rejected by their first choice: A degree from that shiny, elite college on the hill may not
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While four of the presidents/chancellors come from Ivy League schools, Glassdoor tells HuffPost "no Ivy League university
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Before Elizabeth Banks had a starring role in 30 Rock and the The Hunger Games, she was a sorority girl at the University
The goal of our “America’s Most Selective Colleges” project is to give college-bound students and their parents straight
Since 2009, public universities in the state have lost $2 billion and community colleges have had $695 million cut from their
New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg dismissed the criticism from Levin a few days after the story was reported. The Muslim Student
Being a preppy person isn't all about knowing how to sail and wearing sailing clothes. Anyone in the world can be preppy
Jeremy Lin is making waves as a point guard for the New York Knicks, but people have also noticed he has an unlikely background
I took a gap year and it actually changed my life. Although, I initially resisted the idea, wanting to stay "on track," I soon realized that this wouldn't "set me back" at all.