J. Edgar Hoover Building

Opening up the FBI's Pennsylvania Avenue location for redevelopment would have created competition for Trump International Hotel.
The president participated in two meetings where officials decided to build a new FBI headquarters in Washington, D.C., according to a government report.
There is no shame in telling the truth, particularly when, by doing so, you acknowledge your accountability and accept responsibility
FBI Director Christopher Wray, who replaced fired former Director James Comey, said the bureau must embrace change.
And how the interim FBI director defended Comey's reputation.
Any time a federal agency decides to intimidate those in the political arena in any way, large or small, it should be seen as a scandal by everyone -- no matter your political leanings. Because we've seen what happens when this sort of thing is allowed and encouraged, and it isn't a pretty sight.
State and local officials have been working behind the scenes for months to lure the FBI to Maryland if the agency leaves
To help offset costs, the GSA has proposed granting development rights to the Hoover building site -- prime real estate in
In a way, I'm glad that David Petraeus's sex scandal is playing out across the pages and television screens of the mass media. Because one of the alternative ways it could have been handled is so much worse.
But as transportation and planning blog Greater Greater Washington has pointed out, while locating a large federal agency