J. K. Rowling

Who knew she was "going to go all Mel Gibson on us?" he asked on "Saturday Night Live."
A controversial character in the author's new book may be minor, but what the character represents deserves to be called out, challenged and unpacked.
The author has faced backlash after a reviewer said the moral of her book “Troubled Blood” is to “never trust a man in a dress.”
Two of the world's most beloved celebrities are facing reckonings that call into question the validity of their public personas.
Anecdotes are not data, free speech is not under attack — and elite journalists should find something else to write about.
MuggleNet and The Leaky Cauldron issued a joint statement denouncing Rowling's "harmful and disproven beliefs" on trans people.
"I slapped JK and I’m not sorry" said the Sun headline, angering anti-domestic violence advocates.
Evanna Lynch and "Fantastic Beasts" star Eddie Redmayne are the latest actors to speak out against the author's transphobic tweets.
“Transgender women are women,” the Harry Potter actor wrote.
The actor, who didn't address Rowling by name, used her platform to educate about Black trans women after the author went on a transphobic tear.