J Lo

Jennifer Lopez, Constance Wu, Lizzo, and more shine in this star-studded new trailer of “Hustlers.”
Guys hair? Still ownin' it! Same place we've seen it for months now ... all over the place and cool! Long, stringy hippy
By his own account, Marty is "fat and ugly, fat and ugly." To complete the picture, he's a hesitant never-been-married gap-toothed 34-year-old Bronx butcher who still lives with his mother.
UPDATE: We've received a few emails arguing that the movie's use of "first edition" is correct since the translations of
How can J-Lo ignore The Boy Next Door? She can't, obviously, because he's a blazing wackjob with an erotic obsession for his new neighbor.
“People are dumb enough to have thought that you meant it literally, like you were still in the ’hood, or ‘She’s changed
On Monday, Jennifer Lopez and Anthony Mackie joined Jimmy Fallon and Steve Higgins for one of the craziest games of Catchphrase
Must we really celebrate big butts by deriding small ones? Does there always have to be at least one body type that's not as "good" as the others, leaving some subset of women clamoring to try to feel better about their loathsome, not-as-sexy selves?
Have we fallen so far? Have our standards for what we constitute as art dropped so low that when we hit lower and lower depths we become desensitized to it all? Where do we go from here? Is this vulgar lowbrow popular music the new normal? I certainly hope not.
Move over, Nicki Minaj: Jennifer Lopez is here to one-up you. Lopez took a rather revealing note from the Minaj playbook
Jennifer Lopez's latest single, "First Love," has leaked online. From her still-untitled new album, "First Love" is the follow
I was 27 years old. I had become enraged... as enraged as Gloria Steinem or Betty Friedan had been and it took me months to shake that part of it. Maybe that's why the young women are afraid of it. The rage is real.
Can half-naked men, a yacht and J.Lo's entourage destroy sexism in under six minutes? As PolicyMic's Elizabeth Plank points
Jennifer Lopez is on a crusade to "objectify men" in her new music video, but not without a nod to the infamous Versace dress
Shakira and MTV Unplugged Let's revisit the music scene in 1999: there were the inescapable boy bands, girl groups and a
Jenny from the block is going to be a detective. NBC announced that Jennifer Lopez will star in and executive produce a new
Watch the video below. "This was probably the craziest thing I've done in my career of music and movies," Lopez said. “I
The 44-year-old had a wardrobe change later in the day, and switched things up in a black tee and a tight, striped pencil
It's not the first time people have called out the doll's unrealistic figure. Rehabs.com, a search engine for locating mental
In case you missed it, Jennifer Lopez got into this thing yesterday with a plastic surgeon from the UK who posted a before