Ja rule

It's been over two years since the festival left attendees stranded.
Oren Aks from "Fyre Fraud" talks about a fake pig-saving charity and a Fyre-branded frat party.
The rapper said the 2017 Fyre Festival was the "most iconic festival that never was."
Bahamian restaurant owner MaryAnn Rolle emerged as one of the most memorable characters in Netflix's documentary.
Ben Meiselas appears in both Hulu's and Netflix's documentaries on the juiciest scam of 2017. Today, he just wishes we'd all listened to 50 Cent.
The rival stars' long-standing feud shows no signs of slowing down.
"Specifically, if the social media comments were not taken down, the Defendants claim they could 'incite violence, rioting, or civil unrest.'"