jack conway

Democrat John Bel Edwards' big win in Louisiana is a big deal for the Democratic Party, giving them headwinds toward the 2016 election, despite the gloom and doom you hear from liberals. Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders need to be taking notes.
A combination of factors led pollsters to miss the mark in the Kentucky governor's race. Marco Rubio, while still the underdog, is gaining significantly in the polls. And several low-polling candidates won't make it to the next Fox debate. This is HuffPollster for Friday, November 6, 2015.
What will it take to motivate Dems to revive their party? How about thousands of Kentuckians being kicked off health insurance?
It's not a disaster for pollsters, but the industry did miss the mark.
Mitch McConnell achieves his dream of Republican hegemony in the Bluegrass, but the GOP he built isn’t his to run.