Jack Daniel's

"Believe me, I come from a long line of people who know what whiskey tastes like.”
In the early 1980s, bourbon was left for dead, losing market share to white spirits. But passion, great whiskey and innovative marketing returned bourbon to its rightful place in the consumer's bar--far in front of vodka. These are the brands that brought bourbon back.
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The first whiskey I ever had was Jack Daniel's, first as a shot in college and soon after in the eponymous Jack and Coke.
Sinatra Century is a hell of a whiskey; if you've got $500 to spare, there are far worse ways to spend it. But this whole package feels to me like the Sinatra estate flipping the bird to the people who simply love his music. Let's hope some altruistic soul puts this show online for the masses as a sort of return salute.
Gripping a Starbucks cappuccino in one hand I rode the creaky elevator up to the sixth floor of Brotman hospital. It was back in the mid nineties and I was on my way to the local detox center where I had been working as a drug and alcohol counselor for a year. My qualifications for the job came from my own intensive research with mind-altering substances.
In 1994 I "ground-scored" this smoky quartz crystal at a Grateful Dead concert in Deer Creek, Indiana. The stone was literally on the ground in the middle of a corn field. I have no idea how I found it. I like to think it found me.
"My mother always took a little Jack Daniel's and rubbed it on my gums when I was teething."
Winter Jack is a cider-laced, cold weather warm-up in a cup.
But according to another study that Jernigan co-authored, published in February by the journal Alcoholism: Clinical and Experimental
The greatest singer of the 20th century deserves a great whiskey.
"We don't make projections, however I believe if the economy holds up, we'll have a very, very solid year," Ozgo said. Bourbon
For the second year in a row, the Jack Daniel's Distillery has donated more than $100,000 to help service members and their families travel from bases to homes across the U.S. through "Operation Ride Home" this holiday season.
Have you ever wondered where Jack Daniel's Tennessee Whiskey gets that characteristic flavor? In whiskey production, the
"Absolutely!" I said. "But can it wait an hour until naptime?" I've always known family is there to pick you up when you're
However, it seems unlikely that any of these letters were as civilized as that from JD's senior attorney for trademarks, Christy