Jack Decoster

New England's largest egg producer is under investigation.
The HSUS has revealed cruel treatment of egg-laying hens at New England's largest egg producer. The factory farm in question supplies eggs to several states, and is located in Maine.
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One of the most important races that you haven't heard about yet in this election cycle is currently unfolding in America's Heartland. Thicke is turning heads, shining a light on current unsustainable food-production practices and oversight.
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When it comes to eggs and other animal food products raised in huge, industrialized, often unsanitary factory farms, we need more than apologies: We need inspection, enforcement, and accountability.
The Iowa chapter of the Sierra Club is pushing state regulators to investigate two factory farms and a feed mill linked to
Corporations that play fast and loose with one set of laws are likely to cut corners on others. Scarce inspection resources should be targeted at them rather than at the good eggs.