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Few titles recently have made me more giddy than the puppet masterpiece "Bears in Space," a British import at 59E59 that
"I can never put myself into the mindset of a woman who has been sexually assaulted."
"Game of Thrones" airs on Sundays at 9 p.m. EDT on HBO. It's no news that the "Game of Thrones" cast is filled with actors
You be the judge. Last week's pivotal "Game of Thrones" episode proved that the most hated king in Westeros just can't handle
At least he didn't spoil Dumbledore's death though; if so we hope his sister would've gone full Tyrion on him. In an interview
The Lord of the Seven Kingdom's twisted little smile and his sideways lean on the Iron Throne make you want to snap his tiny
"[A]fter a long day of work, you're just happy to take off all your annoying armor and the costumes and just be yourself
Jack Gleeson, the 21-year-old star of "Game Of Thrones," is (pretty much) done acting. Gleeson, who plays King Joffrey on "Game Of Thrones," told The Independent he is likely leaving the glitz and glamor of being an actor behind to focus on charity work.
Head over to Independent for more. "It was always a recreation beforehand, but when I started doing 'Game of Thrones' perhaps
You will never look at Joffrey the same way again. Below, watch Gleeson, a regular ol' student at Trinity College in Dublin
Still, he went on to explain, "We were a little surprised at first by what an impression Joffrey made on the audience." Gleeson
Did you ever notice that country music wunderkind Hunter Hayes and "Game of Thrones" douchenozzle Joffrey Baratheon (played
War is just days away! With the promise of a bloody, bitter second season of "Game Of Thrones" ahead, every sneak peek gets