jack kevorkian

"If my dad couldn’t control his body, he at least wanted to control how long he would be in it."
While I have absolutely zero tolerance for a news outlet to slant its news coverage and/or alter the facts to further one political agenda, I believe there absolutely is a place for opinion in a newscast.
"Every object has a story and this object has stories that are unlike anything else."
I have been haunted by a deathbed promise I made 24 years ago. But now with the Aid in Dying movement growing, it's time to break my silence and lend a voice to help terminally ill people control their end of life.
This is the way my mother died -- by choice, after much research that we did together, in a nursing home that both permitted and facilitated the process and after 13 days with little demonstrable suffering.
This whole argument boils down to a simple premise: who is in charge of our lives? Doctors? Politicians? Religious leaders? Or Us? Are we so feeble minded that we cannot be trusted to be responsible for our own existence?
If you have visited a news oriented website recently, you have likely heard the story of 29-year-old Brittany Maynard, who has an inoperable brain tumor. Rather than let the tumor dictate the terms of her death, she proactively sought an option that would allow her to end her life in a dignified and humane fashion.
"Coma" - 28X34 - oil on canvas - 1996 - $45,000 "He is noted in the art world for his unique vision that only a pathologist
Would Jesus Christ, the Prince of Peace, really want his fellow man to suffer? The problem is Christians love to quote the
"Mike Murphy, the coroner for Clark County, Nevada, and past president of the International Association of Coroners and Medical