jack russell terrier

I am convinced the animals in our lives regularly share the secrets of the Universe with us if we would only just pay attention.
Technically, our tale starts in the summer, but turtles are slow-shuffling creatures so it makes sense that everything has come to a head in the dead of this winter of our discontented spring.
Hey, I'm Wishbone, the eponymous Jack Russell Terrier from the show, "Wishbone." I'm famous, but, just like you, I poop in the grass. I bark at strange objects. Just like you if you're a dog, I mean, because that's what I am.
“We think they have been together for a long time but we don’t know for sure, they both seem to be a similar age," Humphrey
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"This is a really great lesson for people that are looking to buy animals on Craigslist or any online venue," Kam told HuffPost
McDonnell's real-life Earl, a Jack Russell terrier just like the fictional comic strip star, lived to be 19 years old. Each
It's a good thing this little lady has a powerful nose, because her eyes can't be doing much good under all that snow. Remember
It's hard enough to motivate yourself to keep in shape without having a member of your family trying to bring you down, but
The Internet is a machine that reminds its users that the 1990s happened, and its main goal is to tackle each and every single
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So if you don't feel like changing the sheets, doing the recycling, filling the coffee pot, or making your own toast, perhaps
CNN reports from Kingston, Tenn. WATCH: The dog was a gift given to Rebecca a few years ago after she survived a diabetic