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Attended by media and entertainment luminaries like Diane Sawyer, Lance Armstrong, Martha Stewart, and HuffPost President
When bad news becomes overwhelming, as it does with some regularity, the cable news channels are not your friends. Your need for clear understanding is incompatible with their on-air and online business plan, which depends on you being anxious and staying tuned in. Giving them up is easier than you think.
By Jack Shafer Sept 10 (Reuters) - After "Reliable Sources" host Howard Kurtz parted ways with CNN in June and announced
First, there's his work with the above-mentioned Catalist, which works for progressives. And then there are his many political
Trend stories based on anecdotes or lazy statistics are bad enough. When extensive research by "experts" is involved, meaninglessness can rise to a higher -- or lower -- level of absurdity.
Last week alone, Reuters hired former Slate media critic Jack Shafer (Tues.), launched a financial news and opinion aggregation
Jack Shafer, Slate's very recently laid-off media critic, is moving to Reuters, according to a source familiar with the matter
Slate, the online news magazine owned by the Washington Post Company, has laid off a number of employees, including editor
Here's a reminder to reporters on the teevee: the terrible disaster that happened isn't happening to you, okay?
Jack Shafer of Slate Magazine recently called for the resignation of Secretary Clinton. I have something to say to you, Jack
Over at Slate, Jack Shafer takes note of the many politicians this campaign season who have beat a retreat from engaging
New Republic editor Marty Peretz added to his compendium of racist bilge in a column. Today, he offers up what purports to be an "apology."
This kind of shallow reporting is why the media loses credibility -- a simple Google search or call to an academic expert on drugs or even a conversation with a long-time addict would reveal that $10 bags are not news.
It's always satisfying to see journalistic plagiarism outed. But when it comes to music, things can be more complicated.
The forty years between Kennedy and Clinton were an accident of economic and demographic history, resulting in a temporary but highly profitable industry structure for the papers that dominated their markets.
Ari Fleischer, Epitome of Class: Awesome. Ari Fleischer, who bankrolled some of the most numbingly juvenile ads as a member
As a J-school student, I ask myself: is it crazy to pay for an education in a profession that refuses to charge for its services? Giving away news for free was a terrible folly. It's time now to move on and cough up.
Just because I think that the New York Times should leave vacant the opinion-columnist position just evacuated by William