Jack Smith

“No president is a king, but every president is a United States citizen entitled to the protections and rights guaranteed by the U.S. Constitution,” his lawyers wrote.
The anchor's ominous warning comes as prosecutors seek to clamp down on Trump's inflammatory public remarks about his coup attempt case.
Jack Smith filed for the gag order in federal court, citing Trump’s many public statements and social media posts.
The judge in Trump's federal election interference case has already warned the former president to "take special care in your public statements about this case."
Justice Department special counsel Jack Smith is warning that former President Donald Trump’s “daily” statements risk tainting a jury pool.
The "projection king" was mocked on social media over his latest bizarre rant.
The special counsel said scheduling the proceeding that far into the future would "deny the public its right to a speedy trial."
Court papers show federal prosecutors sought “all content, records and other information” related to Trump’s account covering months before Jan. 6, 2021.
The proposed start date would potentially keep Trump in court throughout some of the presidential primaries.
Donald Trump is blasting special counsel Jack Smith and vowing to continue talking about his criminal cases.