jack sparrow

Leslie Knope said Khaleesi would be marrying Jack Sparrow, which definitely isn't happening, but she wasn't that far off.
"Til death do us part" had a different meaning for Amanda Sparrow Teague.
Aaron Gouveia said his manicure aimed to highlight the "real danger of toxic masculinity."
A Conversation with Anthony De La Torre Mike Ragogna: So am I speaking with Anthony or Jack? Anthony De La Torre: [laughs
Johnny Depp's Jack Sparrow takes on a really ticked-off enemy.
The tiny dog was found suffering from convulsions and seizures.
During a conversation about the new retrospective book "Jerry Bruckheimer: When Lightning Strikes," the legendary producer
“The night before I submitted my video, I was having second thoughts about how good it was, so I posted it to my Facebook
Johnny Depp made a name for himself by playing eccentric characters, each more interesting than the last. Lately he's exchanged that legacy for one that's saturated in populist fare and dull executions. What happened to the old Johnny Depp?