Jack the Ripper

Gao Chengyong was found guilty of multiple counts of murder, rape, robbery and the mutilation of corpses between 1988 and 2002.
For years, humans have attempted to decode life’s biggest mysteries. Mysteries like the Bermuda Triangle, Jack the Ripper
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Jack The Ripper, the man who terrorized London in the fall of 1888 by butchering at least five prostitutes, is the world's most famous serial killer who's never been caught. What did the original investigation tell us about him and what has modern forensics learned about his true identity?
"My books are occasionally called mysteries, but there's not a whole lot of mystery to them. They're police procedurals."
And so the Jack the Ripper saga continues. Last month the author of a new book entitled Naming Jack The Ripper said he had
Scientists claim the recent bombshell study revealing the identity of Jack the Ripper was all based on an error.
Last month, new discoveries about the identity of Jack the Ripper hit the news and, as expected, debate took over about the validity of the claim, specifically the items and processes involved.
Alec Jeffreys, the so-called "godfather of DNA" credited with inventing the DNA fingerprinting technique, told the Independent
It is the greatest murder mystery of all time, a puzzle that has perplexed criminologists for more than a century and spawned
The reader finds herself plunged first into the dim recesses of a disturbed mind, itself imprisoned in the dark belly of London's underground.
Not only are the one hundred letters he chose to reproduce in the book great to look at, they are great to read, allowing experiences that are in turn transformative, moving, and inspirational (or chilling, in a few cases).
The former policeman's quest to uncover the truth has not always been an easy one. He took Scotland Yard to court in 2011
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The Chicago Sun Times reports that Holmes allegedly traveled to London in 1888, the year of the Ripper's murders. One handwriting
With the media scouring Izzy's background, as if he was a recently captured "Jack the Ripper", the story of a disturbed young
And as if the more than half a million real-life murders a year around the globe (some 17,000 in 2010 in the United States alone) somehow constituted a lack of violent death, fiction novels add a never-ending supply of made-up stories of murder and mayhem to the count.
As the spookiest holiday of the year draws near, enjoy a photo tour of real-life sites famously featured in classic horror stories, folklore and film. Some look surprisingly sweet, some flaunt their history, and some will chill your bones.