jack warner

CONCACAF is suing its former leaders for "brazen acts of corruption."
One of the most corrupt men in world soccer is finally being swept out.
"I don't need any advice from any comedian fool," Warner says a minute into the video, referring to the infomercial Oliver
Sepp Blatter's former foot soldiers are turning against him.
In the video posted to Facebook on Sunday, Warner holds up a printout of an article from The Onion announcing that the 2015
In one case, a teller at a JPMorgan Chase branch on New York's Broadway said she had asked somebody for his driver's license
The allegations stem from a campaign by Mohammed Bin Hammam of Qatar to win the presidency of FIFA. He and Warner were accused
Brazil has been getting bashed in the global sports press for not making enough progress in constructing stadiums with the amenities FIFA likes to offer its fat cat supporters. But these critics miss half the point.
1776 is a reminder that the embrace of the status quo in the face of revolutionary ideas is nothing new. Nor is bloody legislative compromise or our ongoing frustration over a Congress mired in petty squabbling.
Why does the media who cover Warren Beatty's work assume the topic I care most about with regard to this highly accomplished figure is how many women he slept with? It's insulting, in a way, isn't it?
"I realized my family's story would be better served if I did this as a documentary before any fictionalized accounts were put together."
This movie is pro-selfishness and egoism (which is just egotism misspelled), and anti-altruism. It preaches, at length and in a superior tone, that Altruism is Bad. And it means it.