The war on marijuana has turned thousands of children into the walking wounded.
After "Frances Ha," "Jackie" and other career-defining projects, Gerwig's new movie, "Lady Bird," christens her an auspicious director.
When Jackie and I eat cauliflower, it is rarely as a side dish: It is often our whole dinner. I’m not sure why; perhaps because
When Jackie and I see a particularly beautiful piece of fish in the market, it’s hard to resist pointing to it and saying
Levi deserves to win Best Original Score for "Jackie."
Today I’m revisiting a couple of old ideas: one that was a flop, and one that was already life-changing and with one little
It's no surprise that Broadway and Off-Broadway frequently feature some of the best performers and writers of any given age
Meryl Streep is in, but Annette Bening was left out of the 2017 race.