Jackie Hoffman

The actress screamed, “Damn it!” when she lost to Dern at Sunday’s award show.
Bah humbug! to anyone who goes to the Transport Group Theatre Company's Once Upon a Mattress, at the Abrons Arts Center, and doesn't have a thoroughly entertaining time. Only Ebenezer Scrooge would leave dissatisfied.
The scathingly funny actress brings her latest cabaret act to Joe's Pub in Hebe For The Holiday. Hanukkah came early this year, but her stand-up, which relies on dark, child-hating humor, hits in time to end the year with a zetz.
Carrie Coons delivered a hilarious acceptance speech for her turn as the drunken Honey in Edward Albee's Who's Afraid of
Leslie Jordan is stopping by "Raising Hope." The "Will & Grace" alum is headed to the Fox series as the leader of a couple's
I used to think that only two people were crazy enough to work full time at keeping Yiddish alive. Now you can add the name of a third.
The star of Harvey is a 6-foot-tall white rabbit we never see. He's a pooka, a mischievous creature of Celtic lore. But every night at the Studio 54 Theater, Broadway gets a pinch of magic.
"The girls there were nasty and much thinner than me." Actually no one was aware of her talent until she was cast as a stripper in the high school production of Gypsy, "I wouldn't wear a bikini, so they electrified me and lit up my bra."
"The narrative structure of the Jewish holidays and the narrative structure of the classic Broadway musical are the same. They both almost always feature a larger-that-life character up against insurmountable odds."
And at Joe's Pub, Hoffman, a specialty taste, gets a built-in bonus: "If you can guarantee a Jew-gay house, I'm there." It's
Currently starring as a muse in the Broadway show Xanadu, Jackie Hoffman revisits what she considers 14 of her meanest musical hits.