Jackie Robinson

The New York Yankees third baseman said he's sorry he referenced the pioneering Black baseball player in an on-field confrontation with Chicago White Sox star Tim Anderson.
The New York Yankees slugger was suspended for one game after he made multiple references to Jackie Robinson while talking to the White Sox star during the weekend.
The White Sox shortstop had accused the Yankees' Josh Donaldson of a racist reference to the first Black major leaguer.
A statue of Jackie Robinson that stands outside the Brooklyn Cyclones stadium in New York City has reportedly been vandalized.
It's easy to forget that the first Black man to to ever play in the Major Leagues wasn't just a barrier breaker — he was a freak athlete who dominated the game.
The network edited remarks the president made about baseball great Satchel Paige to make the comments seem racially insensitive.
They're demanding the Trump campaign remove images of the Black icons featured in one the president's reelection ads.
President Trump has proposed a monument featuring 30-plus figures from American history, at a time when many Americans are grappling with tributes to controversial icons of the past.
Obama joined other prominent figures to salute the 100-year anniversary of the founding of baseball’s Negro Leagues.
The site honors "an icon of the long and unfinished struggle for Black freedom," an outraged professor wrote.