Jackie Robinson

They're demanding the Trump campaign remove images of the Black icons featured in one the president's reelection ads.
President Trump has proposed a monument featuring 30-plus figures from American history, at a time when many Americans are grappling with tributes to controversial icons of the past.
Obama joined other prominent figures to salute the 100-year anniversary of the founding of baseball’s Negro Leagues.
The site honors "an icon of the long and unfinished struggle for Black freedom," an outraged professor wrote.
The Monument Park marker appears alongside those dedicated to baseball greats Babe Ruth and Derek Jeter.
Robinson is still the only player to win MVP in both leagues.
Ex-49ers quarterback recalled the Brooklyn Dodgers trailblazer on MLB's Jackie Robinson Day.
Jackie Robinson of the Brooklyn Dodgers received a letter during the winter of 1954 from a man who volunteered at an orphanage
In late January 1938, the Rev. Karl Downs, the new minister of Scott Methodist Church in Pasadena, California, went looking
Mallie McGriff Robinson refused ether when her fifth child Jackie was born at the Robinson home in Cairo, Georgia, on the