Mississippi officials announced Wednesday that two Jackson officers would be facing murder charges for the incident, and a third will be tried for manslaughter.
Flags are used to instil pride and hope, but for many people, the Mississippi flag represents oppression and terror. We traveled to Jackson, Mississippi to figure out why its state flag still contains the Confederate emblem, and why people are so passionate about flags in the first place.
William Roberts, an employee of Partridge-Sibley Industrial Services, said he supervised the improper disposal of industrial waste at a commercial entity in Jackson.
A boil-water advisory has been lifted for Mississippi's capital, and the state will stop handing out free bottled water on Saturday.
“We have restored clean water,” the governor said Thursday.
Residents of Mississippi's majority-Black capital still don't have clean water after rains worsened the existing infrastructure.
Many residents, however, continue to rely on bottled water.
150,000 people in a Black-majority city are without clean water.
Heavy rains and flooding caused pumps in the water treatment center of Mississippi's capital city to fail, the mayor said.
Till's relatives want authorities to prosecute a white woman at the center of the case from the very beginning.