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Elementary schools around the country are pulling back on music education, but luckily there are still some amazing teachers and volunteers out there who know how important music is.
Some nights of theatre are pure magic. Whether it's the performance, the material, the audience, the theatre, a mix of all of the above, some nights are special and you know you're having a once-in-a-lifetime event.
If this unexpectedly awesome mashup is anything to go by, the answer is: complete and utter funkiness. What if the 1770s
"We tour, we play the music... I'm playing the bass, Michael was right here," Jermaine says, gesturing to his right side
Davis is usually too busy talking about something important to comment on her hair. Other people do that for her. The afro
The story of Motown's first West Coast signing sounds like a '60s teen movie plot. The shapely Brenda Holloway grabbed the
Nothing terribly new here -- isolated vocal tracks are a favorite of this incarnation of the internet to the point that there's
The world famous Apollo Theater is an iconic landmark that has been credited with launching a plethora of black entertainers
Music is a huge part of the holiday experience, and that it helps bring people together. It may even assist those of us who aren't feeling a sense of that holiday spirit, in getting it back. We all have our favorite holiday jingles, right?
The Jackson family joins Marc to talk about how frustrating journalists and paparazzi can be.