jackson katz

On Equal Pay Day, the congresswoman spoke with HuffPost about inequality in the workplace.
Some experts worry that we aren't taking advantage of the opportunity to talk about the role of masculinity in college sexual violence.
More men need to hear Jackson Katz and others like him speak not because their minds and attitudes will automatically be changed, but because their existing attitudes and evaluations of women will be fundamentally and critically challenged.
I recently received a spate of links from several women via email and Facebook about a Fall 2012 TEDx talk by Dr. Jackson Katz concerning the need for men to step up and address male violence and aggression. Katz isn't alone; similar sentiments are popping up all over the Web.
[H/T Upworthy] And getting men to pay more attention is exactly Katz's goal. As an author, filmmaker, educator, social theorist
It's very popular right now to talk about bullying. But it is way past time to start talking about misogynist bullying as a separate category of abuse aimed at young girls, and as something that requires a separate cure.
Where is the equivalent of the scale of the Chris Brown response for Too Short? Whereas I do not think all portions of Chris Brown's scrutiny is helpful to a journey of reform, Too Short's video is not nearly receiving as much attention.
It's time to change our culture so that we would never dream of asking, "What was the victim wearing?" It is time that we hold rapists and assaulters accountable because the question is never what was she wearing but why is he raping?